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Should the Georgia legislature make it illegal to smoke around children if you’re in a vehicle?

State representative Sandra Scott has prefiled HB 18 to prohibit anyone from smoking in a vehicle, in motion or in park, if a minor is present.

According to LegalBeagle, a handful of states have already banned smoking in vehicles with minors, including Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Maine, Oregon, Utah, and Vermont. Other states have tried to ban such practices and advocacy groups like the ‘Americans for Nonsmokers Rights‘ work to spread awareness about these types of legislation and the benefits of such.

One concern for opponents is how such a law would be enforced. Additionally, the legislation makes no mention of punishment or fines, however, the language is suggested to be inserted into the ‘Smoke Free Air’ section of the Georgia Code, which is enforced by authorized agents of the Georgia Department of Health and the county boards operating under the state agency.

Scott is a Democrat and an educator from Rex, Georgia.

The legislative session does not convene until January of 2017, but legislators are able to file legislation ahead of the beginning of session in an effort to raise awareness about their bills.

The bill will have to make it through the House Committee before it can be voted on on the House floor. If the vote is successful, the measure will head to the Senate Committee and then on to the Senate floor. If both chambers approve the bill, it will be sent to the Governor’s desk.

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