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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

COLUMN: Area school districts show insensitivity following Hurricane Matthew

Jessica Szilagyi says it's too soon to be sending the kids back to school.

Ask Brianna: What’s the best way to make extra money?

Last year, 4.1 million people on average held both a primary full-time job and a secondary part-time job

COLUMN: Cruz calls Trump ‘scared’? Seriously?

Ted Cruz is all over media outlets calling Donald Trump a coward for not appearing in tonight's debate. Last night, on Sean Hannity's show,...

COLUMN: 2016 DNC Repudiates Bill Clinton, Swerves Hard Left

In 1992, Democrat Bill Clinton beat out incumbent Republican George H.W. Bush for the presidency, successfully branding himself as a Southern, conservative “New Democrat”...

COLUMN: Why is the United States of America an Exceptional Nation?

What has made the United States of America an exceptional Nation, is found in The Declaration of Independence. From the beginning of our Country’s...

COLUMN: It Is (Far From) Well

*Alright, before reading this mini-novel of mine, click HERE and go vote for Younghoe Koo to win the Lou Groza Award. For those that...

2015 Baseball Winter Meetings Preview

All On Georgia's Josh Brown will be in Nashville this week covering the Braves during the 2015 Baseball Winter Meetings.   2015 Atlanta Braves Baseball Winter...

COLUMN: On this Veterans Day, I want to say ‘Thank you’

On this Veterans Day, I want to say 'Thank you'

COLUMN: Well, that wasn’t much fun

The bottom line for me is that I am going to support this program no matter the direction things go, not just this year, but until the Lord calls me home.

Activist alleges liaison, DDS untruthful about illegal alien licenses

One anti-illegal immigration activist says Georgia’s Department of Driver Services liaison to the legislature has been telling state legislators for years that illegal aliens are not getting Georgia drivers licenses, but whether or not that is true depends on how you look at the facts and videos >
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