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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Don’t let swimsuit anxiety suck the fun out of summer

Farewell spring and hello bathing suit season, for some an anxious time that sucks the fun out of summer. BUT DON'T LET IT!

To many Americans, Memorial Day has lost its meaning

“You can see it in people’s faces that they’re a little horrified that they forget this is what the day’s about. Culturally, we’ve kind of lost sight of what the day’s supposed to mean.”

Betsy DeVos’ Latest Speech Should Keep Conservatives on Edge

Secy. of Education, Besty DeVos, continues to send mixed messages to the conservative base on public education, school choice, and "voluntary" federal incentives by channeling her inner Obama. Will there be a Race to the Top 2.0 under Trump?

COLUMN: To the students who walked out on Pence…

"You didn’t take a stand, you didn’t prove a point, and you didn’t change a thing."

COLUMN: Judge Neil Gorsuch and the Frozen Trucker

The confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court of the United States was a contentious one.  I think he was a good...

Column: Bill, science is never settled. It’s an ongoing process.

Science is not a religion nor is religion a science....science is a process, not ideology.

One-minute read: Why you might need wedding insurance

If you're busy planning a wedding, you might want to consider insuring it.

Simple is best and other lessons from a road trip with...

Road trip season is around the corner. Does that fill you with memories of painful car trips stuck between siblings in the backseat? Or do you relish the idea of hitting the road, maybe with your own kids?

The Mother’s Day debate: Stay in or go out?

Staying home for Mother's Day versus going out for a special meal is befuddling for others as well, and especially families with small children. On the one hand, yay! Fancy outing. On the other hand, yikes!

Former Director of the Georgia Ethics Commission Under Investigation

Stacey Kalberman, former Director of the Georgia Ethics Commission, is currently under investigation for illegal lobbying at the Georgia State Capitol.
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