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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Spring Cleaning Safety Check

It has been said that "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." (Benjamin Franklin)  The well-known axiom is often used in...

COLUMN: Finding Sanctuary

"Trump is actually upholding laws established before he even ran for office. In government classes in high school students are taught that if state or city laws conflict with federal law, federal law is what gets followed. "Sanctuary cities" don't have much of a leg to stand on in trying to protect illegal immigrants."

“Jails are no place to treat the mentally ill”

"Often law enforcement has to arrest them because no viable treatment options are available. "

COLUMN: Savor some unpredictability to begin NBA playoffs

It's a star-driven league built around enticing matchups. Quite frankly, the Finals will be a letdown if we don't get the rubber match of a Cleveland-Golden State trilogy.

Liz Weston: Investment fees could leave you old and broke

You want to save as much as possible for retirement. The financial services industry wants to make as much money off you as it can.

Liz Weston: Are you financially healthy?

Traditional financial literacy efforts haven't been a rousing success. Research from Harvard Business School shows that even Americans who are taught personal finance in school don't seem to save more or manage credit better than anyone else.

Ask Brianna: Can I start a business if I have student...

Starting a business is tempting for so many reasons: You can be your own boss, set your own hours, create something from scratch — maybe even change the world.

COLUMN: Greed and power are winners in Olympic battle

Some of the best hockey players in the world won't be there, at least those of the male variety. The best women will, though that hardly serves as consolation for both NBC and organizers of the upcoming Olympics in South Korea.

Is Georgia’s latest medical cannabis bill progress, or just a bigger...

While there are many people that consider this latest tweak to Georgia’s medical cannabis law a major victory, two of the most important conditions were left out of the bill.

COLUMN: I am in favor of a bad idea

The General Assembly just sent the Campus Carry Bill to the Governor for approval. It is hard to say whether Gov. Deal, who is term limited from running for another term, will sign the bill into law or will veto it as he did last year. I think arming college students, even those who are licensed, is a bad idea.
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