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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Personal Info Hacked at IRS

Yesterday, the Internal Revenue Service Tuesday announced that they fell victim to a security breach that could affect 100,000 taxpayers. The IRS believes the...

Iraq begins operation to oust Islamic State from Anbar

Associated Press BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq vowed Tuesday to retake Anbar province — now mostly held by the Islamic State — by launching a large-scale...

Boy Scouts Consider Allowing Openly Gay Leaders

Late last week in Atlanta, Boy Scouts of America national president Robert Gates requested an all out end to the ban on openly gay...

COLUMN: Is the Presidential Primary a Single Issue Race?

Ben Franklin said, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Over the last 14...

U.S. Avian Flu Continues to Surge

The U.S. government called for an additional $330 million in emergency funds to assist in addressing the the worst avian influenza outbreak in U.S. history....

Police kill two gunmen outside Texas free speech event

By Nomaan Merchant and Jamie Stengle Associated Press Police shot and killed two gunmen who opened fire on a security officer outside a suburban Dallas venue...

Police booking photos of arrested Baltimore officers released

Associated Press BALTIMORE (AP) -- Online court records list the race of three of the officers charged in the Freddie Gray case as black and...

State’s Attorney: All 6 Officers Charged in Freddie Gray’s Police-Custody Death

Associated Press Baltimore - State's attorney: All 6 officers charged in Freddie Gray's police-custody death.

Iran takes cargo ship, US prepares for response

Iranian vessels fired upon a cargo ship flagged to the Marshall Islands Tuesday morning, forcing the ship to travel deeper into Iranian waters —...

Man cooked alive with 12,000 pounds of tuna

Prosecutors said Bumble Bee Foods and two employees have been charged with violating safety regulations in the death of a worker who was cooked...
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