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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Campus gun bill clears House committee hurdle

There are just three legislative days remaining before the Crossover day deadline, the point at which legislation must clear its respective chamber to be...

Congress blocks rule barring mentally impaired from guns

On a vote of 57-43, the Senate backed the resolution, just one of several early steps by the Republican-led Congress to undo regulations implemented by former President Barack Obama.

Judge says states can’t have looser gun laws than feds

Controversy stirred as several states passed laws dictating that accessories and ammunition manufactured and kept within the borders of the respective state are exempt from federal gun control laws

School shootings rise when economy struggles, study suggests

Researchers analyzed data from 379 shootings in schools between 1990 and 2013 and found a link between changes in national and local unemployment rates and the frequency of shootings.

New state rep files “Constitutional Carry” bill

If this bill becomes law, a law-abiding citizen would be able to open or conceal carry a pistol in Georgia, essentially making the weapons permit an option in Georgia.

Gun industry, suicide prevention forge unlikely alliance

Two unlikely allies — the gun industry and a leading suicide prevention group — are coming together to tackle suicide.

Gun maker chooses Georgia for new home

A gun manufacturer currently in New Hampshire has decided to move the entire operation to Georgia.

Waffle House fires Georgia woman who fired gun at robbers

The Georgia waitress that fired her gun at three robbers at Waffle House is looking for a new job.

Georgia Waffle House employee pulls gun on robbers

While the robbers were inside the restaurant, one employee went to her car and retrieved her gun.

Southeast Georgia shows uptick in conceal carry permits in 2016

The number of people packing heat in southeast Georgia continues to climb.
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