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Monday, November 20, 2017

Joining high court, the real Neil Gorsuch set to stand up

Largely unknown six months ago, Gorsuch has seen his life story, personality and professional career explored in excruciating detail since he was nominated by President Donald Trump 10 weeks ago.

White House backs Kelly on Confederate monuments

The White House is backing chief of staff John Kelly’s defense of Confederate monuments and his assertion that the Civil War was caused by a failure to compromise.

Trump heads into tough week with budget, health care battles

The symbolic 100-day mark is coming this Saturday, but battles look about repealing/replacing the health care law and funding for "the wall."

Pence helps give Vietnam Veterans Memorial a holiday washing

Vice President Mike and his wife, Karen, joined several dozen volunteers to give the Vietnam Veterans Memorial a holiday cleaning.

Tillerson says US won’t be rushed on climate change policies

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says there is no rush on the climate change policies from the Trump Administration.

Some in GOP say threats of violence against them ignored

Some Republicans say that in the era of President Donald Trump, they’re being threatened like never before.

Trump restores some Cuba penalties, rejecting ‘oppressors’

President Donald Trump declared Friday he was restoring some travel and economic restrictions on Cuba that were lifted as part of the Obama administration’s historic easing. Trump tells communist Cuban leader he wants to negotiate a better deal.

Trump: USS Ford is ‘100,000-ton message to the world

President Donald Trump helped hand over the USS Gerald R. Ford to the Navy on Saturday and said the state-of-the-art aircraft carrier will send a “100,000-ton message to the world."

Trump pitches in at shelter for Harvey victims

President Donald Trump cupped a boy’s face in his hands and then gave him a high-five. He lifted a girl into his arms to give her a kiss. He snapped on latex gloves to hand out boxed lunches of hot dogs and potato chips.

At UN, Trump threatens ‘total destruction’ of North Korea

President Donald Trump, in a combative debut speech to the U.N. General Assembly, threatened the “total destruction’” of North Korea if the nation’s “Rocket man” leader does not abandon his drive toward nuclear weapons.
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