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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Trump refuses to debate; calls Fox’s Kelly ‘a lightweight’

With 48 hours to go before the faceoff, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski confirmed Trump's decision Tuesday evening after a press conference in which Trump lashed out at Kelly and said she'd been "toying" with him.

John Rocker endorses Donald Trump

Just when things could not get more interesting with Sarah Palin's recent endorsement of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, life throws us a curveball...

Congressional agency reduces health law sign-up predictions

The Congressional Budget Office study said that 13 million people are likely to purchase policies through the Affordable Care Act this year, down about 8 million from estimates the agency made early last year.

Survey: Minorities make up 14 percent of state lawmakers

"Part of the reason for the representation gap because the existing and traditional parties are not reaching out and encouraging Asians and Latinos and Latinas to run,"

Clinton, Sanders take different lessons from Obama’s ’08 win

To Bernie Sanders, President Barack Obama's improbable victory in the 2008 Iowa caucuses was a testament to the power of an inspirational underdog. To Hillary Clinton, Obama's win over her eight years ago proved the importance of a robust and refined political apparatus.

1 week from Iowa: GOP flaunt endorsements, dismiss Bloomberg

With only a week to go before the first votes of the 2016 presidential race, Republicans on Sunday waved around endorsements from others and dismissed former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a potential third-party threat.

Billionaire donors helped Cruz rise in GOP presidential bid

Four of America's wealthiest businessmen laid the foundation for Ted Cruz's now-surging Republican presidential campaign and have redefined the role of political donors.

AP Poll: Public doubts Washington’s problem-solving ability

WASHINGTON (AP) — As the first voting nears in the presidential race, most Americans have little to no confidence in the federal government to...

AP sources: Bloomberg eyeing independent White House bid

He has also became arguably the nation's most vocal proponent of gun control, using his fortune to bankroll candidates across the country who clash with the National Rifle Association.

GOP lawmakers question $1.7 billion payment US made to Iran

The Obama administration's $1.7 billion payment to Iran to settle an arcane, decades-old financial dispute is prompting questions among Republican lawmakers trying to piece together the full scope of last weekend's dramatic U.S.-Iranian prisoner swap and the lifting of many American sanctions on Tehran.
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