Grayson Football Under Investigation


What a mess.  Grayson High School may have to vacate their football state championship.  Last week, Atlanta station Fox 5,  reported on the case of Grayson star running back, Kurt Taylor.  Taylor was a Michigan commit on National Signing Day.

Fox 5 reported that Taylor’s father rented an apartment in the Grayson school district but still maintained a home in Covington, home of Newton High School.  Taylor attended Newton but transferred to Grayson before the start of the season and played for the football team that won a state championship.  According to reports, after football season, Taylor then transferred back to Newton High School to graduate with his friends.

Since the situation has aired on Fox 5, the GHSA now intends to investigate the story to verify Taylor’s eligibility.  According to Steve Figueroa, GHSA Director of Media Relations, the governing body has opened up an investigation into the eligibility of the Grayson football player for the 2016-2017 season.  Figueroa said, “We have informed Grayson that based on what was contained in that story we’re going to have to investigate that situation.”

If the GHSA determines that Taylor was not eligible due to residency requirements, Grayson may be forced to vacate its state championship.  If that occurs, it’s unclear if state runner up, Roswell, will be declared champions or if the title will be officially recorded as vacated for the season.

This situation is the latest in a string of high profile mishaps involving the GHSA that lead to the early retirement/resignation of Executive Director Gary Phillips.  Critics of the governing body will point to this latest case as further evidence that the organization is broken and needs to be replaced.  They may have a point.  Among the many questions surrounding this case and the GHSA, the primary question that detractors want to know is why did it take a news report after the season completed for the GHSA to investigate the eligibility of high profile players that transferred into one program right before the start of the season?

That’s a good question, GHSA.  How do you respond?  The clock is ticking and the Georgia General Assembly will be watching.


  1. If I remember correctly it seems I saw a report before season started that Grayson was favored because of the # of transfers into the program. Maybe that should have been a red flag!

  2. If the GHSA strips GRAYSON of their STATE CHAMPIONSHIP then they must also go back and strip BUFORD, CALHOUN, CARTERSVILLE, and other state championship football teams in GEORGIA…FOOTBALL is a business now for schools and kids…SCHOOL are building revenue and prestige off the performance of the kids…the kids (parents) are finally learning to use the schools for the betterment of their future…

  3. The GHSa is going to investigate this one?What about last years Alatoona win over Glynn Academy? Two players caught playing out of area and nothing was done!

  4. If the father maintained residence inn the school district then I don’t see what the issue is. He followed the guidelines and lived in that county even if it was for show. But people are always going to hate. This shit has been going on for years but I bet if Roswell catches that pick and Grayson doesn’t win there’s nothing to talk about!

  5. This happens to AA public teams all the time. We play private schools that can recruit yet we have our same players year after year.

    Look at the rosters of the football playoffs in AA of private schools from one year to the next and see the changes. Check out the new players…Yet our roster remains the same.

    Guess since it’s North Georgia something will be done.

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